Color Sync By Andikan

​Hey! How’s your day going? Good I hope. 

Oh well, that’s by the side. I love photography, not that I take pictures but somehow I find a way to connect with the works of the photographers and “creative capturers” that I admire. The most recent being the colour sync by Andikan. I’ve been following Andikan on his journey through capturing moments for quite a while and I must say he’s one of the most talented people I’ve seen. After seeing the color sync project, my fingers began itching to write something on it. Luckily, Andikan let me; so here it is. Enjoy.

This is a wave. 

Are you riding it? 

Can you see through it? 

Why should life be monochromic? 

The blacks and whites

With those, you could never be enticed 


On the other side,

There are too much colors; 

It would emblazon your memories,

Spice up the experiences. 

Just as the contour is to the make up artist,

So color is to the life we live

This is synchronization.

This is color.

This is life.

Twitter: @andikan_ @slow_zeus

Instagram: @andikan_ @slow_zeus


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